The terrorist organization ISIS began using blockchain technology to anonymously distribute its propaganda and recordings, reaching thousands of people around the world.

ISIS’ power to come to power through mass communication

Social media and private communicators in application form are not new to ISIS, the so-called Islamic State. As stated in the MIT Technology Review article, social media, especially Twitter, have partly contributed to the rise to power of ISIS in 2014. At that time, a terrorist organization used Twitter to spread its political, religious and military news throughout the Internet.

When platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube blocked ISIS for promoting such content, terrorists switched to private chat rooms to further spread their scary news.

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Earlier this year, ISIS used the encrypted Telegram instant messenger (with over 300 million users). English-speaking ISIS supporters were able to use it to distribute official and unofficial media messages and communicate with like-minded people. The telegram took the initiative to stop being regarded as a safe and effective communication tool for ISIS supporters. In May, it bombed 8 291 bots and terrorist channels.

ISIS, forced to look for new communication possibilities, drew attention to the BCM Messenger.

What is BCM?

BCM stands for Because Communication Matters. Pillar assumptions of this communicator are anonymity and privacy, provided, among others, by encrypted messages during transmission. One of the features that make BCM stand out from the crowd of online communicators is the ability to create so-called “supergroups”, which can contain up to 100,000 people. This option would allow members and supporters of ISIS to reach a mass of people in seconds. In addition, BCM does not require confirmation of identity by e-mail or telephone number when registering, thus ensuring complete anonymity.

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The creators of BCM strongly deny that their goal is to help a terrorist organization in any way. They claim that they only provide a tool for safe, private communication, which is one of the foundations of democracy.

Another controversial feature of BCM is the built-in crypto wallet. On the one hand, it would provide terrorists with the ability to make transactions in cryptocurrencies, on the other hand, it would be easier to trace these terrorists.

Is this just a game to increase popularity?

There are also voices that all the confusion is just to increase interest in the product. Privacy and anonymity on online communicators is nothing new. Also the directness of communication and the whole initiative in the hands of users is an inseparable, basic feature of every platform using blockchain technology. Moreover, the messages sent via BCM alone are not based on blockchain. It is only present in the additional, built-in part of BCM, which is the crypto wallet.

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