Recently a new alternative called Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) has appeared. It came into being right after obtaining funds for the development of various types of projects in the field of cryptocurrencies and blockchain through Initial Coin Offering covered with a bad opinion. As much as 92% of ICO generated losses for investors.

Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) consists in making tokens available to the public through the crypto exchange. This affects the increase in security and legal regulations. The crypto-currency exchange with Polish roots BitBay is becoming more and more important on the IEO market. One of the most interesting projects, which started to issue its own tokens on BitBay, is QAN.

QAN is an innovative IEO available thanks to BitBay.

The QAN project is intended to solve the problem of obsolete, poorly functioning and dangerous blockchainp platforms, which we are currently dealing with on the market. It’s a kind of blockchain platform, a new generation. It offers ready-made solutions addressed to enterprises. Its unique character is evidenced by the following features:

  • Friendly attitude towards the environment – elimination of the digging process, which was extremely energy-intensive. Reducing wasted computing cycles, similarly to Proof of Work. Reduced energy consumption, due to the use of lower computing resources, caused by the modern PoR (Proof of Randomness) algorithm used to achieve consensus;
  • Greater resistance to quantum attacks – the use of cryptography in the Lattice system allows us to enter the era of quantum computerization, which will be helpful in breaking the commonly used coding systems;
  • High scalability and speed – QAN is ten times faster than Ethereum, with 97 transactions per second;
  • Simply created for developers. The platform enables the creation of code and in particular the writing of smart contracts. It is possible to use most commonly used programming languages. Thanks to this, developers have a chance to use the skills acquired so far;
  • Compatible with 5G and IoT technology. The QAN team has done the appropriate work in connection with these technologies.

From an interview conducted by Krzysztof Kamiński with Comparic24TV with Istvan Molinar – director of COO QAN, we learn that Poland is a key market for QAN. The company is open to novelties whenever a high degree of customization is possible, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and where developers want to create new applications for the platform.

Molnar notes that serious global crypto projects are trying to raise funds in the IEO mode. The company cooperates only with world-class stock exchanges, such as BitBay. Thanks to this, the company increases its credibility.

“The project gains credibility through reliable business partners and stock exchanges. – A visitor marks it.
For more information on the IEO and the BitBay exchange, watch the video on Comparic24TV. The next part allows you to get to know the details of the QAN project.

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