Today, 5 December, will be exactly twenty-six days, and so will the 10th decade. We will begin a new decade in the 1920s. In turn, bitcoin was the best possible investment that could have been made in this decade for several reasons and without any doubts.

Bitcoin is the best investment of recent years

It is worth standing up for yourself on January 1, 2010. In fact, at the beginning of this decade, which is about to end, and remember what the annual bitcoin looked like. – 5600 BTC – record-breaking Bakkt volume. Bitcoin becoming more and more popular

There are not many BTC price records at the moment. We can see the first BTC price records, exactly from March 2010. Each BTC token is worth 0.003 USD. In fact, it is only how much XRP costs today.

Bitcoin time machine – First bitcoin wallet

If we put our bet on that day and dream that we would invest in BTC to buy 1,333 USD BTC, which would have a value of 2400,000 USD today. Is there any better investment in history than in ten years with one dollar, if you could earn even 2.5 million dollars in the form of a clean return?

Many of the films in which the heroes returned to the past, always said that they invest in such specific shares in the stock market, in the lottery of that day, or bet on winners after some sports games. But it is believed that if we had the opportunity to travel through time, we would all have invested every penny we have in 2010 in bitcoins and woke up today exactly twenty-six days after the end of the decade as one of the most millionaires in the world.

Bitcoin Storm – a new investment platform

But no more dreams. The reality is that absolutely no other object, whether digital or not, had such performance at all and at no point in its history. If we create a simple mathematical account, we can say that the BTC value alone has increased by 2,399.990 percent in exactly ten years. Maybe you can see this and it may seem a mistake, then we will write letters to make it a little bit sharper for our topic.

The best investment of the decade

So we can say that BTC was undoubtedly the best investment of this decade, this particular millennium and all the previous ones in human history. It recorded a return of over ninety percent, compared to twenty percent on the American market for S&P shares.

What is bitcoin and how it works?

Market valuation above $100 billion (which is a very important indicator for traditional financial analysts of the system., BTC has so far exceeded all today’s technological companies and even existed. As you can see, it is a bit complicated at the beginning. However, in time we will understand that.

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