The number of billionaires who own digital assets is growing steadily. Bill Pult, a philanthropist, is the newest representative of this group, which has just entered the crypto stock exchange . Bill Pult believes that Bitcoin really has great potential.

Bill Pulte is the head of Pulte Capital Partners and the grandson of the billionaire who founded PHM, i.e. Pulte Group. Currently it has a market capitalization of $10.9 billion.

Bitcoin willingly helps the poorest

On December 12th this year, Pulte announced that he had just bought 11 BTC. As for his individual abilities it is still not enough, but he claims that he sees a huge potential in this cryptocurrency.

This cryptocurrency can help the poorest people in the world. Especially people who are bankless. As a kind of philanthropist he wants to promote adoption. He even says and even calls for a comment on why you need Bitcoin, and he chooses one person to send satoshi to him. This is absolutely true.

Charity actions on the cryptocurrency market

Bitcoin has been used for charitable purposes for a long time. In reality, however, a lot of donors really benefit from the versatility of crypto. Why is it so important? The point is that Bitcoin helps to increase the effectiveness of philanthropic activity itself or to improve the transparency of its financing.

Microsoft is working on a card game using blockchain technology

That is why more and more charities such as Save the Children, Red Scream, Greenpeace or United Way are accepting Bitcoin and using blockchain technology in their activities. For this, Unicef also fully accepts Ethereum.

BitGive is a global charity that uses Bitcoins to better serve its beneficiaries.

What is BitGive’s mission?

It is about using the power of Bitcoin and blockchain technologies to improve public health and the environment around the world.

BitGive Executive Director Connie Gallipii explains that Bitcoin allows BitGive to confirm all remote transactions as much as possible, significantly reduce all transfer fees, provide real-time transparency, execute secure cryptographic transactions, and obtain quick settlements.

Bitcoin’s price is expected to reach USD 10 thousand in December

Going back to the main character of this text, we hope that only the purchase of 11 BTC will really be the beginning. Pult will soon be able to see the actual value of Bitcoin in its philanthropic activity.

On this occasion, it is worth reminding about the collection for the Christmas of the Polish BitBay. The collection lasts from the second to the nineteenth of December. The most important thing is that it is conducted in all, exactly thirty-six cryptocurrencies, which are available on the stock exchange. Dedicated addresses for deposits can be found on the direct action page.

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