Brave is a newly created web browser, which appeared at the beginning of 2016. It was developed by a team of IT specialists led by Brendan Eich and Brain R. Bondy, co-founders of the Mozilla project. Brave is an open source browser based on Chromium engine.

Traditional Browser

Although it is a traditional web browser in the traditional sense, experts still predict Brave’s bright future, often presenting it as better than Chrome, Firefox and Safari in terms of speed, privacy and ad blocking. As a web browser, Brave Browser allows you to browse the web and perform other daily tasks on the web, but without having to watch ads at a much higher speed. The goal of Brave is to make a positive difference to your web browsing experience by blocking ads and trackers that disrupt your privacy and ultimately waste your time and money.

Apparently these aren’t just empty promises, Brave has overtaken Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari and IE in many tests and won 1st place in the list of the best secure browsers in 2018.
Brave aims to transform the web advertising model with micropayments and a new revenue-sharing solution to provide better conditions for users and publishers. The revolution offered by Brave is the ability to earn native BAT (Basic Attention Token) crypto by website developers, but also… by browser users themselves. Yes, this means that by using Brave and allowing your browser to display non-intrusive advertisements in the form of alerts, you can EARN CRYPTO!

“Are you looking for true privacy? Start using Brave Browser!”

Dozens of these and similar passwords can be found on the Internet. Those who have not yet tried the browser or are just starting out, are likely to be up to these passwords and skeptical opinions. However, all experts agree that Brave is one of the web browsers that most cares about users’ privacy and will certainly outperform others if it hasn’t already done so.


Like other popular web browsers, Brave also offers the “Private Surfing” option, which allows users to browse the web in incognito mode without leaving any traces. Its privacy settings are unique in that they use Tor design technologies to hide the identity of your network, ensuring strong data encryption and protecting against data loss and identity theft.
The Hidden Identity technology is not enabled by default, but is only available in the private tabs in the Brave drop-down menu at the top right of the screen.
Compared to Tor, Brave is easy to use for everyone. However, this does not replace Tor. According to Yan Zhu, one of the programmers, a private tab “will provide the user with better protection against local monitoring, e.g. than ISP or other users on a shared Wi-Fi network”.
In addition, experts highlight the following privacy benefits of Brave browsers:

  • Updates of uncertain HTTP links to encrypted HTTPS links;
  • Private cards block HTTP links;
  • Blocking scripts and minimizing the risk of attacks;
  • Block tracking pixels and cookies.

In summary, Brave is a good choice for Internet users who value speed and simplicity.
Brave in tests and comparisons it turns out to be faster than Chrome and Safari.

In addition to privacy, speed is another advantage of Brave browser. Available for Windows, Linux, OS X and Android, this relatively new web browser has already outpaced the biggest providers in the market.
Scientists note that Brave loads large news sites from 2 to 8 times faster than Chrome and Safari (desktop version) and twice as fast on Android.

Brave Browser test results

In addition, the browser is praised for low CPU wear. Even critics of the browser admit that Brave immediately loads web pages, including those that contain excessive amounts of garbage.
With Brave as a browser, there is no need to install ad-blocking extensions.
There is probably not a single Internet user who has not noticed how bold and ruthless have become advertisers who display huge amounts of different ointments of ads. The opinions of bold web developers are that the current online advertising system is getting out of hand and needs to be addressed immediately. The browser has been designed to be a “new weapon of choice, providing greater browsing speed, security and protection”.

Frequently asked questions

Where can I download Brave? Where is the download?
-You can download Brave from the official website of the creators of Brave.
Is using Brave free of charge?
-Yes, the browser is 100% free.
How to earn cryptocurrencies from Brave?
Go to Advertisement Settings and select permission to display ads. Also create a BAT wallet. Making money with a Brave web browser is easy. “How do I earn? – Select the appropriate option and … just browse the Internet 🙂
What are the opinions about Brave Browser?
According to many experts Brave has a chance to get many users and stay in the top 3 of the best web browsers.

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