When we compare the return on investment (ROI) of Bitcoin and also of Ethereum, during all of the well-known 2017 bubble, one of the very famous investors notes that this asset is the other, so Ethereum can achieve such a spectacular growth by 2025.

Between $10,000 and $45,000 for the Ethereum’s token already in 2025.

In his recent tweed, the analyst under Nick “CryptoWolf” writes that the cryptocurrency price of the second largest can be really breathtaking. The exact level in 2025 is between $10,000 and even $45,0000. But for that to happen, the return on investment in Ethereum alone would have to be as high as 500 percent.

And, interestingly enough, other analysts are just as optimistic. They believe that during its new big boom, the ETH will reach up to $10,000. However, they often do not specify the specific dates when we can expect this breakthrough.

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And another trader with the nickname “Filbfilb” notes that unlike actually ETH and XRP, it was Bitcoin that showed more than a hundred percent growth in the whole of 2019. So what does this show? It shows that ETH has much less potential for growth. At least that was the case in the year that is ending now, i.e. 2019.

This is a shopping opportunity, or maybe another coffin nail?

In fact, it is usually the more mature part of the community described as cryptocurrency community that treats the price drops alone really very optimistic. They simply treat them as a kind of opportunity to shop cheaply and also to make a profit for some specific time. This is the very idea of so-called hiding. As far as Bitcoin fans are concerned, they certainly remind each other when its price drops. Ripple retail investors tweet about it all the time. As soon as the XRP gets the next hole on its important chart.

However, it looks like some people are starting to feel some kind of fatigue afterwards. It’s a situation where they see their favorite Etherem token falling. So does this mean that ETHs are waiting for some kind of worse times?

Recently, in fact, Twitter was buzzing about the fact that a huge amount of exactly twenty-five million dollars of Ethereum has been sent directly to three large exchanges. What exchanges are we talking about? We’re talking about Huobi, Kraken and Binance. These data come directly from ViewBase. There was also speculation that tokens were probably sent by a certain (we all know) Vitalik Buterin himself. However, it later turned out that the founder of Ethereum himself definitely denied it.

The safest crypto wallet has been compromised again…

And what do we know today? Today we actually know that the tokens were partly owned by a man named Jaffrey Wilcke, who was the co-founder and also the main programmer of the Ethereum. He’s just going to raise money to develop his new project. What project is it about? It’s about Grid Games.

We can actually check out the current Bitcoin course as well as other crypto prices in such tabs as the crypto course and also the Bitcoin course. On the other hand, the crypto exchange called BitBay.net is a great place where we can buy both Bitcoin and more. On this exchange we can also buy quite other cryptocurrencies. If we don’t have our own BitBay account yet, we have to create one as soon as possible.

Going back for a moment to what the analysts are saying, or in fact what they are saying. These are really just their prophecies, which we can listen to and believe them, and we can actually have a completely different opinion. In fact, there’s nothing to be afraid of and wonder about. It is up to us to wait, to be up to date with everything and see how the situation is clarified. We know from experience that the world of the cryptocurrencies can surprise us, and it can really surprise us.

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