Cardano is the world’s eighth digital means of billing, being a public blockchain project and crypto-crypt with open source code.

The creators of Cardano

Three organisations and individuals are considered to be Cardano creators:

  • Cardano Foundation,
  • Emurgo,
  • Input&Output
  • Michael Parsons – Founder
  • John O’Connor – Director of Communications
  • Tom Kelly – Marketing Manager
  • Bob Mcdowall – Consultant
  • Steve Wagendorp – Product Delivery Manager
  • Juliette Adelfang – Administrator of the project

Cardano offers its users an intelligent blockchain platform, which was created by a team of experts from all over the world. Cardano is based on the Proof of Stake algorithm.

According to its creators, Cardano is the best constructed cryptographic algorithm, combining various elements, such as distributed systems, cryptography or digital mechanism design.

The Haskell code is the basis of Cardano’s activity.

Developers responsible for Cardano’s operations are currently working on a variety of projects. Among them are:

  • Open Ouroboros Delegation (a function that allows users to delegate their packaging tokens and take them over from other users)
  • Quantum Resistant Signatures (introduction of transactions resistant to quantum machine calculations)
  • Paper Wallets (paper wallet to keep funds safe)
  • Human Friendly Addresses (reduction of the length of operating addresses for easier handling of transactions)
  • Multisignature Transactions (supporting multi-sensature operations by the HD portfolio)
  • Voting Centre (a voting platform where users can vote on the features introduced in Cardano)
  • Wallet Backend (updated portfolio for smoother work)
  • Release Strategy (new Cardano development plan)
  • Light Client Support (improvement of the Cardano blockchain)
  • Consensus Incentives and Fees (an incentive and reward scheme that will encourage users to build the infrastructure needed to secure networks

A handful of details

Planned supply: 45 billion

The first block of Cardano was mined: 29 September 2018.

The current number of blocks is estimated at: 40,102.

Acquisition method: purchase.

All coins mined: 25,927,070,538 ADA

The reward for excavating a block is estimated at approximately: no data

Average time between blocks: 10 seconds.

Exchange cooperating with Cardano: BitTrex, Binance, and Coinnest.

Official website:

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