The self-proclaimed creator of Bitcoin, Faketoshi – Craig Wright, claimed in November 2018 that within a year Bitcoin and Litecoin would be destroyed. Basically, Dr. Wright himself was supposed to “kill” both cryptocurrencies, revealing some of the information he supposedly had. So far, everything points to the fact that death and Bitcoin do not go hand in hand. Let’s recall what it was all about.

In November 2018, Craig announced the mysterious news that he possessed information that would destroy both Bitcoin and Litecoin. The revealed information was supposed to lead to the “death” of both BTC and LTC. This (I guess you could call it that) threat was part of Wright’s claim that what is now of interest as Bitcoin is not the real Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto imagined.

Craig Wright and the death of Bitcoin

Craig Wright was ready to destroy Bitcoin because of the above mentioned claims. A day before the end of the year from the threat, it seems, however, that the plan burned to a halt. Wright claimed that with the advent of the Bessy, Bitcoin and Litecoin would die. It seems that currently there are no conditions that would be conducive to such a scenario.

Moments after the memorable announcement, Craig Wright fell to the ground and deleted his tweets. He found himself in the fire of criticism from the crypto community t. What is more, he threatened some commentators with court proceedings. Among them were Hodlonaut and Peter McCormack. The Kleiman case is not developing well for Wright either. Contrary to earlier announcements, Faketoshi has not proved that he holds private keys potentially belonging to Satoshi Nakamoto. As we recently reported, Wright is also unable to repay Kleiman’s heirs for their joint ownership of BTC.

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