The voices around OneCoin won’t be silent. Now we have other very surprising facts coming to our attention. During the very hearing of Marek Scott, it was revealed that the son of the former President of the United States was supposed to receive USD 300 000 for just participating in a meeting with the co-founder of the largest financial scam in history – Raja Ignatova.

Is George Bush’s son connected to OneCoin?

We must remind you that Mark Scott is no other than a former lawyer who has been accused of money laundering and conspiring with Raja and Kontantin Ignatov, the creators of OneCoin. We already wrote about this case last week, when he was sued to get USD 400 million out of this huge scheme. Scott, of course, did not plead guilty, explaining that he had no idea what was really happening in OneCoin. He said that everything seemed legal to him.

Currently, Arlo Devlin-Brow, Scott’s attorney, is trying to whiten him in court. Among other things, he testified that the lack of suspicion in his clients was largely influenced by the meeting of George Bush’s son with Raja Ignatova. As it turns out, Neil Bush allegedly got as much as 300 thousand dollars for them.

Of course, the FBI agency had already contacted Bush’s son in this matter. It should be noted that he was also accused of being a member of the board of directors of a company called Hoifu Energy, which is owned by a Chinese businessman – Dr. Hui Chi Minga. According to Bitcoinist reports alone, the company itself gave OneCoin a USD 60 million loan, which was finalized in cash.

At the hearing itself in the US district of Edgaro Ramos, the judge invited David Garwin, the defender of another Mark Scott, to speak on the matter. He read an extract from an interview between the FBI and the son of the President of the former United States. It showed that Neil Bush remembered that Hui Chi Ming had received a sufficient amount of crypto for an oil transaction in Madagascar. In Hong Kong, he met a woman connected with a cryptovut company – Raja Ignatova.

Coinrivet, in turn, writes that the advisor to Neil Busk also spoke on this subject. He explained that although his client was actually attending the meeting, he was not a member of the Hoifu Energy Management Board itself. Moreover, he did not make use of any of the options offered to him by Hui Chi Ming.

Konstantin Ignatov pleads guilty

It should be recalled that last week OneCoin’s co-founder, Konstantin Ignatov, confessed to laundering dirty money and a number of other fraudulent activities. However, there is still no trace of the queen escaping cryptovalut. Her brother betrayed that she had been in Bulgaria for some time before she disappeared. Later she contacted him to buy her air tickets to Athens and Vienna. Apart from that, the contact with them was broken. Ignatov even hired a detective to find his sister, but without any success.

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