An unusual situation occurred in Konin in Poland. Two men decided to rob a machine that sells Bitcoins. The whole situation took place at 1 May Avenue. The men wanted to use a metal object to break in, but they failed.

This did not discourage them, however, as the men went to Goslawice, where they tried again. However, the Bitcoin vending machine was located in a closed room. The operator recognized the criminals, locked the door and notified the police about the whole incident. The officers easily stopped the would-be thieves.

Quick action

The police acted very quickly, one of the suspects was a juvenile offender who had been wanted by the local police for some time. This time he was caught in the act, so he will certainly be responsible not only for the attempted theft, but also for other illegal deeds that he has had on his account.

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While waiting for the sentence

The minor’s companion was a 28-year-old man, who is threatened with up to 10 years in prison for committing an act. Most importantly, this man confessed to the accused act, so it can act as a mitigating circumstance. The younger boy, on the other hand, was sent to the Youth Education Centre. Both of them will now await the sentence in this case, the decision should be made in the nearest future. – Already over 5000 Bitomats worldwide!

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An increasingly common phenomenon

There are more and more vending machines that sell Bitcoins in Poland, so the police record more and more cases where potential thieves try to break into them. Of course, they are somehow secured, some of them are in closed rooms, so it is not easy to get into them. The police, however, make the people who manage such machines sensitive to paying special attention to them, because the thieves do not sleep and wait for every opportunity to make money at the lowest possible cost. This time, however, they were caught, mainly because of the vigilant operator.

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