Installation of the application

The first launch is behind us, but in order to use the device properly, you need to install applications, let’s start with Ledger Live.

Ledger Live

  1. It is an application of the “all in one place” type. Some time ago there were dubious quality applications extending the browser Chrome, today Ledger Live is responsible for everything.
  2. Go to the manufacturer’s website at, click on “Downloads”, then click on the blue “Download Now” button.

After downloading the application, install and run it.

The welcome screen will appear, click on the blue “Get started” button.

Then we will see four options to choose from. From the top, in turn: initialize a new device, recover the device from the recovery phrase, use the already initialized device and the last option that allows you to buy Ledger, track the shipment or learn more about the hardware itself.

As we are new, we want to initialize a new device, so we select the first option. Then select our device, Ledger Nano S and click “Continue” in the lower right corner of the screen.

  1. In the next step we have briefly presented the configuration and PIN setting on the device. We have done this before, so click “Continue” to continue.
  2. The next configuration step, the recovery phrase, we’ve already done that, we’re moving on.
  3. Here you have to answer three questions: yes or no:
  • Have you chosen your PIN code yourself?
  • Did you save the recovery phrase yourself?
  • Is your Ledger device original?

Answer all the questions truthfully and continue. Note: in the third question there may be an error due to the network or lack of the installed Ledger Manager application. If this is the case, click “Skip this step”. (I further explain how to solve this).

  1. In step 5 you will be asked to set your password, this time for the Ledger Live application itself. Do this if you care about the security of your funds, however, it is optional. You can skip this step.
  2. In the last step of Ledger Live application configuration you can select or deselect two permissions to provide anonymous data to Ledger company from the application.

Consent to sharing information on analytics and errors is intended to help improve Ledger’s security and services. However, it is accepted that such options should be marked out because of the risk.

Do what you think you can, deselect or tick and move on.

  1. Bravo! You have successfully installed and fully configured the Ledger Live application. Click on the blue button and we’ll get down to business.

First transaction (application support)

Note: if you had an error while synchronizing your device with Ledger Live application, there may be many reasons for this. I mean this error: “Sorry, try again (WebSocket error). I managed to solve it by going out of the public Wi-Fi network and connecting to my private one.

Let’s get down to running the application.

  1. After proper installation and configuration, you will see the main screen of the application, click the “Open Manager” button, connect the device, enter the PIN and wait for synchronization. On the device, you may be asked for permission to run the Ledger Manager application. Accept it.

Then you will be moved to the Manager’s desktop, where you can be immediately asked to update the device’s firmware. Do it. Follow the on-screen instructions.

  1. Now we are in a place where we will install and uninstall applications. We have several dozen dedicated applications at our disposal, which we install and uninstall using the “Install” and “🗑” buttons. Maybe we should start with the king, that is Bitcoin. Click “Install”.

With each subsequent application from the directory, proceed in the same way.

  1. After installing the first application you can notice next to the settings that the Bitcoin application appeared on the device.

Now let’s move on to adding an account. Click “+” on the left side of the application menu. Four steps: select from the list the cryptocurrencies for which you installed the application, in our case it is Bitcoin, click “Continue”. Enter the Bitcoin application on the device and click “ok”. Go further in the application, synchronization takes place and you have already created an account. Change (or not) the name of the account and check the white box on the right. Click “Add account”, go out or add more applications.

  1. At this point in time, the first account created under “Accounts” will appear on the left-hand side of the menu.

We do not have any funds on our wallet yet, so we click “Receive”, instant synchronization, confirm whether the address on your computer screen matches that on your device and we can send our funds – Bitcoins to this wallet, to this address.

  1. We have already discussed the receipt, account, and Manager. Finally, we have access to the portfolio.

In the portfolio menu, you can observe the status of your portfolio, adjust the time intervals, and under the chart add more accounts and sort them according to your discretion.

  1. The most important thing is to make payments, so let’s go to the “Send” section.

Sending payments here takes place as with any other crypto-currency wallet, although in this case quite intuitively and quickly.

We select the account from which we want to send cryptos. Paste the address of the recipient of the payment, enter the amount of coins and commission. The application will lead us further and already – the transaction made!

Remember that each time you have to confirm the compatibility of the recipient’s address on the device.

  1. The last option from the Ledger Live application menu is “Buy crypto”. There are the best services offering the purchase of cryptocurrencies, selected by the Ledger company.

That’s all.

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