The creator of such games, Eidos, or Microsoft, together with Fabled Lands company is currently developing a card digital game based on blockchain technology. The game is supposed to refer directly to the bestseller of the eighties.

A press release published on 1 December 2019 indicates that the new digital card game will be based on the bestseller of the 1980s by Jamie Thompson and Mark Smith under the title “The Way of the Tiger”. However, the title of the game itself will be different and will be “Arena of Death”, and players will be able to fight each other in card battles. The whole scenario will be based on elements from the original series of games.

Using blockchain technology for games

Thompson, who is the general director of the Fabled Lands project, decided to create a game using blockchain technology. He believes that only blockchain is able to meet what the game project assumes, and in addition, in a much better way than traditional video games.

From his statements it follows that they intended to run a series of card games in the usual format of computer games, but the new blockchain technology gives more sense to the project according to him.

Imagine playing Magic the Gathering, but knowing that you have a card that really belongs to you. Or if we say that there are only 100 copies of a particular item or skill type, and you know that there really is only 100, Thompson said exactly.

The company intends to use the so-called non-functional tokens (NFT) in the Vechain blockchain to provide players with adequate resources during the game. Vechain is supposed to allow you to create items and cards in the game, without having to deal with all the side cryptographic issues, in order to facilitate the creation of the game, as well as the game itself.

Increasing the popularity of tokens in games

Recent news from the game world clearly suggests that the tokenization of resources in these games is a growing and useful trend. At the end of November 2019, we found out through Cointelegraph that in the title game: “F1 Delta Time”, which was created under a license from the world-famous and popular Formula 1 series of racing games, some of the game options, such as the auction of F1 cars, are held using NFT tokens. Of course, all this is also based on blockchain technology.

This is not the only title to which blockchain has been harnessed.

Based on Ethereum (ETH), the card game “Gods Unchained”, with blockchain support, overtook the game “CryptoKitties” in terms of popularity and volume on the web. The game reaches almost half a million NFT transfers every day.

Still another production, or more precisely IOST company, treating war-political games from the period of fighting kingdoms and concerning of course medieval events in the Middle Kingdom, also uses NFT for the internal demand of players.

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