NAGA is a platform that has the direct aim of making life easier for all those who want to make money in the financial markets. It supports both the crypto market itself and traditional financial markets. Basically, it is a whole ecosystem, which consists of, among others, a trading platform, a dedicated payment card and an exchange and wallet, with an IBAN individual account. The copytrading option itself, i.e. largely copying the automated movements of experienced traders who earn money on the market, is of great interest.

The company was founded in 2015 and is regulated by the Securities and Exchange Commission, and its co-founder, Benjamin Bilski, was awarded by a very prestigious Forbes magazine. In 2017 Fosun, the world’s largest investment company, invested 12,350,000 euros in the NAGA project.

This allowed for a very dynamic development of the platform in the following years. In the same year, NAGA Group AG debuted on the stock exchange in Frankfurt, reaching a value of 50 million USD in just a few months from the start. Today it is the fastest growing community of investors.

NAGA – support for advanced and novice traders

NAGA is one of the sharpest chilli peppers in the ancient Indian language, which also reflects the logo of this platform. The company’s team has set itself the goal of developing applications that will somehow revolutionize the outdated financial system. Although it sounds a little high-flying, with great capital as well as an experienced team, the company systematically takes further steps to realize its own mission.

The NAGA platform, in turn, is distinguished by a really large selection of very different financial instruments. We have cryptovalutes, CFDs, stock market, indices, commodities and also forex at our disposal. There are thousands of investors in each of these active markets, and every day more people join the game.

As the only platform, it integrates simultaneously with the application servers for MetaTrader5 and MetaTrader4 traders. Every user can therefore integrate his or her NAGA account with really well-known and tested tools. In itself, it also offers a whole range of tools that greatly facilitate the operation of the financial markets.

How to start your adventure with NAGA?

Those who are just starting out on the market after registering with NAGA often choose the copytrading option. This is because it gives you the opportunity to copy the exact movements of experienced players. This works on a win-win principle, because when a trader earns money, users who have set up copying him also earn money. The trader, on the other hand, receives additional bonuses with the next person copying him. It’s really easy to choose a particular trader, because you can see the history of his actions, and of course check his effectiveness.

The support group itself, which is dedicated to all Polish users, is certainly an additional facilitation. After registration, each person registered via can join a special Facebook group, where NAGA users share their knowledge as well as the strategy that allows them to earn money.

Deposits in NAGA can actually be made both in cryptic currencies as well as in traditional currencies. We have at our disposal coins such as BTC (Bitcoin), Dash, ETH (Ethereum), LTC (Litecoin), BCH (Bitcoin Cash) and NGC (NAGA Coin), i.e. a crypto currency created by the company team. We can also make a deposit in GBP, USD, EURO and PLN. We can make the deposit by using a credit card for this purpose. We can also use Neteller, Skrill or several other services.

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