Currently, in considerable trouble have found models and models presenting their charms on the popular platform PornHub. According to today’s reports, the existing payment operator, including PayPal, has disconnected itself from cooperation. In the current situation, is the only way out and at the same time a chance for the porn industry on the Internet wide and open cryptocurrencies adoption ? After all, the porn industry is a huge, multi-billion dollar business. PornHub + crypto coins= well, what comes out of such a connection?

Today, PornHub announced that all the “performers” living off the platform have just been abandoned by PayPal, the payment giant. As a result, thousands of “models” and “models” lost the opportunity to withdraw the funds needed to pay their bills.

From now on, until a new operator is found, people who upload their films to a popular platform will have to settle with other available payment methods (Paxum, Check, cryptocurrency Verge). Direct deposits are available only to Pornhub users from the USA and Canada.

Cryptocurrencies and PornHub | The community picked up on the theme of

In the light of such devastating news, many influential personalities from the cryptocurrencies world c reached out to PornHub with the proverbial “helping hand”. The first in the race for platform support turned out to be none other than Justin Sun. In today’s tweet, Sun emphasized that Tron (TRX) is already accepted by the Canadian porn giant. The creator of TRX also plans to add support for USDT based on the Throne. Some media report that USDT-TRC20 would be able to become the largest of all stablecoins.

At the same time Changpeng Zhao, CEO of the stock exchange cryptovalut Binance wrote that the current situation of PornHub is an incredible opportunity for cryptovalut. Some of his followers on Twitter suspect that the partnership between Binance and Pornhub may already be in progress.

At the beginning of November NetCents, Pornhub’s partner, added Ripple support (XRP). This led to speculation that the adult entertainment giant may also adopt XRP as its business model.

What is your opinion on this? Is there a place for cryptocurrencies in the porn industry? Present your arguments. We invite you to a discussion.

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