If you haven’t bought your Ledger Nano S wallet yet, you have to remember one very important thing:

Only buy the Ledger Nano S hardware wallet from the manufacturer or an authorised dealer!

I note: avoid buying from other providers, from ebay, etc., the reason is one thing: devices sold from unofficial sources may have been used or replaced. Cases of this type of fraud have already happened many times, and this usually results in the loss of funds.

As for the purchases themselves, the cost of such a device is €59 (as of February 2019) including VAT. Shipping is free and flies from France a few days, from official agents even faster. 14 days to return, 15 payment methods, efficient customer service (I checked) and 6 color versions of the device, including a transparent one.

Initial commissioning (configuration)

We’re finally getting to the point. I’ll guide you step by step so you can start your adventure with Ledger Nano S. As above, the operation of the device is very simple: the left, right and screen buttons, that’s all.

The left button is responsible for moving, navigating up and down, and the right button is responsible for right or down. Pressing both buttons simultaneously will confirm the action, i.e. “ok”, I agree.

If I mention that you press “ok” below, it means that you press the left and right buttons at the same time.

Have you already connected your device to your computer? Great, let’s get started.

  1. After the device has been connected, you will be greeted by the word “Welcome”, then press “ok”.
  2. Then you will see the information about the operation of the device, which we explained to ourselves above. Press “ok”, i.e. both buttons together. You will then be asked if you want to configure the device, “yes” – right button, “no” – left button. Of course, we are going to configure them, so we agree.
  3. First step, you need to select your PIN code, click “ok” and select your PIN. Left button – digits down, right button – digits up. “Ok” – validate the digit in question. You must select a minimum 4-digit PIN, it is a maximum of 8 digits.

Remember: you must enter your PIN every time you connect to your computer. If you enter the wrong PIN 3 times, the device will reset itself.

After selecting a PIN shorter than 8 digits, you have to find the “✅” tag in the next digit field and click “ok”.

  1. The next thing to do is to confirm your PIN, step two: click “ok” and enter your PIN, entered in the previous step and confirm.
  2. In step three of the configuration, you will be asked to write a recovery phrase in the form of 24 words (store it safely!). It is a protection against loss of funds in case of theft, loss, reset or destruction of the device. If such a thing happens to you, these 24 words will allow you to recover lost funds (cryptocurrencies). Click on “ok”.

Now, take the card provided with the Ledger Nano S, p.t. “Recovery sheet”. (you can use any other card) and write on it the first word displayed on the device.

Did you get that? That’s great.

Then save the next words by clicking the right button (you can move backward and forwards with the left button) until you reach the last one – twenty-fourth. At the end click “ok”.

  1. In the fourth, final step you have to confirm the recovery phrase you have just saved to make sure there is no mistake. Click “ok”.

By looking at the word card, find the first word and search for it on your device by navigating left or right, click “ok”. Next, do the same with the other 24 words. If you do this, the configuration will take place.

Bravo! Your device is ready to use. Double-click on “ok”.

At the moment you do not have any applications installed on your device yet, you can only navigate through the settings menu. In the Settings menu, you can change the screen rotation, decrease the screen brightness, change the PIN, check the system version, reset everything, and so on.

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