Many people report that the YouTube platform has removed a number of digital currency material. Moreover, this was done without any warning.

There is no doubt that YouTube is the world’s largest video video platform and has maintained its dominant position for at least fifteen years. There have been problems and conflicts between the platform itself and its content providers, i.e. the creators, but many of them were due to real problems. It’s just that the nature of some of the content began to interfere with YouTube at some point (pathos), but it can somehow be understood, the current fact of removing cryptographic videos is unfortunately already incomprehensible.

Attack of the YouTube platform on Bitcoin fans

A large number of videos about cryptocurrencies have been deleted by YouTube, although their exact number is not known. It is also unknown whether it was a manual deletion or whether the whole action is behind the YouTube algorithm, although commentators are leaning towards the latter. The content about financial pyramids related to and using Bitcoin’s popularity has disappeared, as well as content about typical educational topics, but also about BTC.

With 210,000 YouTuber subscribers, Chris Dunn, another of the 54,000 subscribers, Node Investor, or Chico Crypto with 67,000 subscribers, and many others, are now complaining via Twitter about unfair and completely incomprehensible treatment of their work. Some of them have put a ban on their accounts for a week and others for potentially longer. There are also situations where a career ending on YouTube is being considered.

The complaints sent to the platform have only received laconic responses, as if generated by the system, that their videos violated the guidelines for the platform’s community, because the content of their material was considered “harmful or dangerous”.

Other social media activities

It is just as hard to promote materials about the cryptocurrencies on Facebook, which is even more surprising as Facebook is working on its own stablecoin – Libra. Luckily for those interested, it is still possible to set up a fanpage there.

Twitter itself stands out from such activities and everything seems to indicate that its policy will not change in the face of the cryptocurrency topic. As if that wasn’t enough, Jack Dorsey, CEO and creator of Twitter, even talks about decentralizing his platform, i.e. moving Twitter to blockchain. This is not a revelation, because he has already set up a special team to design it.

Returning to YouTube, the incomprehensible behaviour of the platform is not entirely clear. However, its owners should be careful not to count it out, as interest in blockchain and the crypto industry is growing and YouTube may become entangled in a conflict that will prove extremely unfavorable for it.

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